SECOR is a global asset management firm with offices in New York and London. We provide innovative products and solutions in three areas – Investment Advisory, Portfolio Solutions, and Alpha Strategies – each designed to help clients navigate increasingly complex investment challenges.


Investment Advisory

SECOR’s team of Investment Advisory experts draw on decades of investment experience and industry knowledge to develop customized, long-term and tactical investment strategies for our clients. As an Investment Advisor, we aim to be an extension of our clients’ teams and resources, working closely with the staff, committees and trustees in both the design and implementation phases of our investment solutions.

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Portfolio Solutions

The Portfolio Solutions team offers a broad range of innovative investment solutions designed to protect client portfolios during periods of market volatility or uncertainty. Our Portfolio Solutions platform also allows clients to efficiently and strategically implement investment strategies.

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Alpha Strategies

SECOR’s team of experienced, quantitative researchers implements quantitatively-driven strategies across a diverse range of asset classes, factors, geographies, themes and time horizons. Our unconstrained, multi-sector approach allows us to exploit the best opportunities from all segments of the market, supporting our ability to generate positive alpha.

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