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  • May 29, 2017: Alternative credit turning heads of LDI proponents – Pensions & Investments
    For corporate defined benefit plans using LDI, the most important requirements are to protect the long-duration bonds in the liability-matching portfolio from interest-rate risk using a derivatives overlay and to “grow out of the problem of underfunding by turning to alternative credit approaches,” said Kam-Hon Chang, a London-based principal and head of client advisory for SECOR Asset Management LP.
  • January 5, 2017: SECOR Asset Management Lures Longtime CIOs Kenneth Frier and Gretchen Tai – Institutional Investor Magazine
    Veteran chief investment officers Kenneth Frier and Gretchen Tai have joined $41 billion investment firm SECOR Asset Management as partners and will co-head SECOR’s new office in the San Francisco Bay area. SECOR has offices in New York, Silicon Valley and London. Frier and Tai will lead the effort to grow SECOR’s business on the West Coast and in Asia. They will also bring to the firm a new global equity strategy they developed and have managed for the past two years.


  • October 31, 2016: The world’s 500 largest asset managers – Year end 2015 – Pensions & Investments / Willis Towers Watson
    SECOR Asset Management was ranked 276 out of 500 of the world’s largest asset managers, at the end of 2015. The P&I/Willis Towers Watson global 500 ranking is prepared using joint research by Pensions & Investments and Willis Towers Watson.


  • December 3, 2015: Good Guys: SECOR’s Ray Iwanowski Helps Good Shepherd Services – Institutional Investor’s Alpha
    New York is a city of extremes. It’s home to 78 billionaires, yet more than 20 percent of its residents live in poverty. Ray Iwanowski wants to apply his financial acumen to helping the latter group overcome their struggles. “I’ve always had an interest in philanthropic causes, and New York City poverty and the situation with families and children really resonated with me,” he says.


  • January 18, 2013: Is Tail-Risk Hedging an Opportunity for Managers? – FundFire
    Ed Sullivan, an investment strategist at SECOR Asset Management, answers the questions, “What is driving the growth in tail-risk hedging among institutional investors such as defined benefit plan sponsors? Does it represent an opportunity for asset managers?”


  • March 11, 2012: Hands-on help offered for multi-country pension plans – Financial Times
    SECOR will do everything from helping develop the strategic asset allocation through implementation and risk monitoring, to sitting in-house with the client in order to facilitate understanding of what is required by the client and what is actually happening in the fund. This may be particularly important with SECOR’s target market – multinationals with pension schemes in different jurisdictions.


  • December 2011: New entrant to European fiduciary management – Investment & Pensions Europe
    When you listen to Kao describe what SECOR offers it is clear that he hopes it will stand out from the crowd in the same way GMAM did. “Number one is fiduciary experience,” he says. “People will say that they bring a ‘fiduciary mindset’. But, for us, it’s beyond just a mindset. For 27 years I worked hands-on at one of the world’s most sophisticated and challenging pension plans.”