MacroMinds Investment Symposium Sponsorship

SECOR sponsors MacroMinds Investment Symposium 2023

SECOR is proud to announce it is a sponsor of MacroMinds Investment Symposium 2023, a non-profit organisation based in the New York area, that seeks to partner with and raise funds for local organisations that increase educational opportunities for children.

Founded in 2019, this charitable initiative is dedicated to furthering educational prospects for children and young-adults in socio-economically disadvantaged communities and schools. Funds are raised through the sale of tickets and sponsorships for an annual symposium which contributes to the finance industry’s collective understanding of important topics. This year’s event will provide support for 3 wonderful organisations, Children’s Scholarship Fund, Council For Economic Education and Futures and Options.

To find out more about the initiative and its beneficiaries, please visit the MacroMinds website.