The Alternative Universe

Exposure to Alternative Assets serves as a useful diversifier from traditional asset classes and offers access to unique return opportunities.

Alternative assets expand the investment menu beyond traditional liquid implementations of mainstream asset classes such as stocks and bonds.  Relative to mainstream investments, alternative investments typically have less liquidity, more complexity and higher investment manager fees. Our alternative asset universe includes hedge funds, private equity, private credit, infrastructure and property.

 Hedge Funds

  • Investment strategies with greater breadth and investment discretion
  • Strategies include Equity long-short, Event Driven, Relative Value and Macro/ CTA
  • Return expectations vary by strategy but investors can benefit from a broader range of active management

 Private Equity

  • The equity of privately held companies
  • Strategies include Venture Capital, Turnaround, Growth, Leveraged Buyouts
  • Attractive long-term returns but with more risk than public equity


  • Commercial and residential properties
  • Strategies include Core, Core +, Value-add and Opportunistic
  • Attractive long-term returns with portfolio diversification benefits


  • The equity of infrastructure projects
  • Strategies include Core and Core + each having their own definition of eligible assets
  • Long-term returns with relatively less risk than Private Equity

 Private Credit

  • Non-public debt opportunities
  • Strategies include Direct Lending, Property Debt, Specialty Finance, Special Situations, Distressed debt and Infrastructure debt
  • Illiquidity premium versus High Yield corporate credit

Our approach

We create bespoke alternatives allocations that either complement existing allocations or form a complete investment programme. Our process involves:

  1. Defining strategy – identifying the alternative asset classes to be included in their allocations
  2. Sourcing and researching investment opportunities
  3. Implementation

When implementing an alternative asset programme, we use one or all of the following:

  • Third party funds – we seek appropriate fit to the investment objective at a reasonable cost
  • Secondary opportunities – the secondary market in limited partnerships can be an attractive way of gaining quick exposure to an asset class (and to multiple vintage years)
  • Custom fund-of-funds – we create a bespoke fund of multiple managers to meet specific requirements
  • Co-investment opportunities – SECOR’s extensive network facilitates access to attractive deals across asset classes


Our alternative investment strategies are bespoke to each client

  • Bespoke solutions – our alternative investment strategies are tailored to each client
  • Experience – the senior team has invested since the 1980s and managed alternative investments through some of the most turbulent bull, bear and crisis markets ever seen
  • Relationships matter – our experienced team has established deep relationships with market participants, giving us what we believe is a clear edge as we construct client portfolios
  • Negotiating power – we believe the depth and size of our relationships give us significant negotiating power, enabling us to access alternatives markets more cost effectively

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Head – OCIO & Fiduciary Management

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Director of UK & Europe