SECOR recognises the responsibility of being a good global corporate steward and the importance of environmental, social and governance factors in the advice we provide.

We integrate ESG into our investment framework and the investment manager selection and monitoring process. We seek to understand the unique needs of each client so that we align our ESG recommendations to the client’s priorities.

As ESG covers many different matters and ESG practice is evolving, we use widely accepted industry frameworks, definitions and reference points to inform our approach to Responsible Investing, including the UN Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI).

For more information download our ESG & Corporate Responsibility 2021 Annual report

Diversity and Inclusion

Since we began, we understood that long-term success depends on attracting, motivating, and retaining talented and driven people from diverse backgrounds. We strive for an open and welcoming environment that supports and encourages differences across ethnicity, gender identity, religion, thought, experience, cross-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Over 60% of our team represents communities traditionally underrepresented in the investment industry and we continue to proactively recruit, retain and promote a diverse and talented team.

Corporate Sustainability and Environment

SECOR and our team members are dedicated to being good global citizens and caretakers of the planet by committing to reducing our overall environmental footprint.

Our recent move to a “state of the art” LEED-certified energy efficient office in New York, along with our ongoing environmental initiatives, attests to our firm’s deep-seated ESG commitment.

We remain committed to reducing and offsetting our climate impact and advancing the transition to a clean energy future. To advance this goal, we are working in partnership with organizations like the’s Carbonfree® Partner Program.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement

Our CSR programs foster social responsibility, encourage green practices and share our values with the community. Example programs include:

  • Good Shepherd Services – a charity that helps over 30,000 youth and family members in struggling neighbourhoods with developmental programs and services
  • Paul Koors Foundation – a valuable resource to diagnose and treat a variety of aortic complications like Marfan syndrome and the acute aortic dissection.
  • Covid-19 Support Donations – SECOR supported each employee and their individual causes by generously donating $1200 per employee to various non-profits of each employee’s choice.

We are a proud signatory and supporter of multiple ESG initiatives

UN PRI – Principles for Responsible Investment

SECOR is delighted to be a signatory of UN PRI since May 2020.

The Principles of Responsible Investment were developed by an internal group of institutional investors reflecting the increasing relevance of environmental, social and corporate governance issues to investment practices. We are proud to be a signatory of UN PRI, the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment which works with signatories to put the Principles of Responsible Investment into practice.

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

SECOR is a supporter of The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). This organisation works to develop voluntary, consistent climate-related financial risk disclosures for use by companies in providing information to investors, lenders, insurers, and other stakeholders. SECOR believes in full transparency and disclosures in investments. “Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can’t”

In efforts to do our part to reduce global carbon footprint, SECOR became a partner of the Its Carbonfree® Partner Program, is an innovative and flexible way for business to calculate, reduce and offset its carbon footprint. SECOR is working to reduce & offset climate impact and hasten the transition to a clean energy future.

IMPACT Management Project

The Impact Management Project (IMP) is a forum for organisations to build consensus on how to measure, compare and report impacts on environmental and social issues. SECOR looks forward to sharing in IMP’s dialogue, expertise and experience to help build consensus and share best practices in impact measurements and management.


SECOR is a proud sponsor of MacroMinds; a charitable initiative dedicated to furthering educational opportunities for children and young-adults in socio-economically disadvantaged communities and schools. Funds are raised through the sale of tickets and sponsorships for an annual symposium which contributes to the finance industry’s collective understanding of important topics.