Once a client has agreed to an investment strategy, SECOR’s Implementation Management service allows them to implement the portfolio and monitor a range of portfolio characteristics and exposures in real-time, including:

  • Asset allocation
  • Performance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Manager exposures
  • Currency targets
  • Cash balances

Our Implementation Management service is open-architecture and clients are able to take advantage of our execution capabilities regardless of whether SECOR is the investment advisor. Our team employs a range of external and proprietary, internally built systems to create a robust and scalable portfolio execution solution.


Markets move every second, which can result in asset exposures moving away from targets quickly. Our in-house systems collate data from multiple sources and provide the team with a daily overview of performance and exposures, informing any required rebalancing.

Where clients have operational cash requirements, such as paying pension scheme benefits, we provide cash planning analysis which is incorporated in our ongoing monitoring process. We regularly aggregate data from multiple parties, including scheme actuaries, administrators and custodians, to project forward and ensure sufficient liquidity.


Exposures that move outside of agreed tolerances are automatically flagged for action by our proprietary systems and we act quickly to bring them back within agreed tolerance levels in the most efficient manner. We employ a range of methods, including intra-day trading using derivatives, to achieve the best result for the client.


Whether for initial implementation, transition activity, regular rebalancing or ongoing performance, we can provide results and detailed analysis in our reporting. We offer complete customisation enabling clients to hold us accountable and clearly see the value added through each and every one of our actions.

What makes SECOR different

  • Accessibility – our open-architecture approach means we can implement for any client
  • Bespoke – we build our service around our clients’ needs, enabling them to focus on what matters most
  • Transparency – the bespoke service includes access to in depth reporting, allowing our clients to hold us accountable for decisions made
  • Extension of staff – our client service model gives our clients access to the team whenever they require

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Matt Gillis

Head – Infrastructure

Kam Chang

Head – OCIO & Fiduciary Management